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Get Special 10% Discount Use code: "SPECIAL10"
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Silicone Sleeves for Corona Treater


APPL’s di-electric silicone sleeve manufactured from a very specific silicone rubber compound, providing excellent electrical, thermal and chemical resistance, making it ideally suited to the harsh environment that is the corona treatment process. APPL's silicone sleeves are produced specifically as an electrical dielectric sleeve and is manufactured to extremely close tolerance, ensuring reliable and consistent corona treatment performance.

APPL’s sleeves are available in the sizes 50 mm (2”), 75 mm (3”) and 98 mm (4”) nominal diameters. If you have another treater roll diameter, please ask because we are sure that we can supply a sleeve to fit your requirement.

 Hardness                    -         60 ± 5 Shore A

Di-Electric Strength   -         22 KV / mm

Temperature Range  -         -80°C to +250°C

Tensile Strength        -           250 % Min.

Colors                            -        Translucent, Red, Orange, Skyblue, Blue


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