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Get Special 10% Discount Use code: "SPECIAL10"
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Extruded Profiles (Silicone / FKM / EPDM)

We can also make the extruded door gaskets as per customers requirements"

Ami Polymer Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of silicone extruded door gaskets in more than 1000 different shapes and designs. (In round and square types). These extruded door gaskets (Autoclave) are made from food-pharma grade pure silicone rubber which can easily withstands a temperature range of -80oC to 250oC.

Ami Polymer Pvt Ltd's extruded gaskets are available in square cross sections like 6mm x 6mm, 8mm x 8mm, 10mm x 10mm, 20mm x 20mm, 25mm x 25mm etc. with or without hollow. These gaskets are available in red, white, orange or any color as per customer's requirement. We also undertake small and bulk order for these gaskets from 25 mtrs to 25000 mtrs. These extruded gaskets are manufactured from fully automatic microwave continuous curing system which ensures accurate dimensional properties, glossy surface finishes and aesthetically beautiful colors.


  • Clean Room Doors
  • Telecom Shelters
  • Bakery Ovens
  • Freeze Doors
  • Air Tight Door Seal Application
  • Pharmaceuticals Processing Machine's Door
  • Autoclaves, Isolators and Dry Heat Sterilizers

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