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Major Challenges in Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry has been successful for decades. Yet a few challenges exists in the industry let’s examine them. The increasing accessibility to healthcare services has opened the doors for the pharmaceutical industry players to broaden their target market. Such emerging markets are becoming crucial for pharmaceutical companies. As we all know, India is the largest provider of generic drugs globally. The nation enjoys an important position in the global pharma sector. Therefore, the future of Indian pharma industry is quite bright, but there are a few dark clouds on the horizon as well. As the pharmaceutical industry becomes increasingly complex and globalized the sector must become more cost efficient.
There have been several speculations about the stationary growth of the pharmaceutical industry, but recent technological advancements are expected to encourage the growth of this industry in the years to come.”

COVID-19 Impact:

Vital Challenges For managing consumable materials in pharma sector:

Consumables items play a vital role during Pharma & Biopharma drug manufacturing activities which influence the quality of the drug product. Consumables covered such as raw materials, excipients, APIs, packaging materials, drug products & Polymeric & Single Use Components items. Apart from these items, there are many items which are directly or indirectly used in manufacturing activities which is directly related to the Integrity of the drug product. These items are so called consumables or miscellaneous materials. Managing consumables as per the

What is consumables? Key materials which are used in support of manufacturing or which is coming in contact with the product during manufacturing that may not become part of final product. 

The consumables can be classified into three categories based on their applications:

Direct quality impacting: Consumables which will have direct contact with product and directly affect the quality, purity, strength and safety of the final product. Examples are product filters, product contact tubing, Single Use Assemblies and process gases, polyethylene bags etc.

Indirect quality impacting:

Consumables which do not come into direct contact with the product and may affect the quality, purity, strength and safety of the product. Examples are gloves, garments, lubricants, wipes/mops, etc. 

Non-quality impacting:

Consumables which will not affect the quality, purity, strength and safety of the product. Examples are engineering tools and housekeeping items, etc.

Key Challenges in Pharma and Bio Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Demand forecasting
  • Reduced demand for prescription medicine
  • A lack of a stable pricing and policy environment (Price fluctuation assessment)
  • Risk management
  • Loss of exclusivity 
  • Cyber security threats

Ami Polymer Pvt. Ltd. Provides end to end solution to pharma and biopharma industry for direct quality impacting consumables.

We are the manufacturer of tubings, Single use assembly and other polymeric materials with superior quality and standard. Ensuring the product integrity as these consumables directly used in direct contact with product.



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Officer- Sales & Marketing (Ami Polymer Pvt. Ltd.)



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