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Mr. Alpesh Gandhi’s Vision To Provide Quality Silicone Products to Companies Worldwide

Silicone products have a broad array of applications in multiple industries. The high elasticity and malleability of these products makes them ideal for a plethora of manufacturing functions. Silicone manufacturing companies, for this reason, play an important role in satiating the raw material demands of many industries.

Ami Polymer Pvt. Ltd (APPL) is one such company that manufactures several kinds of silicone products. A vision of Mr. Alpesh Gandhi – a former Rubber Technology Engineer, the brand is a leading exporter of silicone tubes and silicone hoses in India. The brand has built a solid market reputation owing to its popular silicone hoses, such as Imawrap® - Silicone Hose, Imafit® Platinum Cured Silicone Braided Hose, Imavac Silicone Hose with SS 316 Helical Wire, etc. Out of these, the brand has the most extensive experience in manufacturing Imawrap® - Silicone Hose with 2-3 Ply of Fabric.

The Brand’s Inception Story

Mr. Alpesh graduated with an engineering degree in Rubber Technology from LD College of Engineering, Ahmedabad. Shortly afterwards, he began to work in the corporate sector. After a less than successful career with multiple companies in the city, he decided to shift to Mumbai so as to seek better opportunities. He then later decided to pursue an MBA to further spur his career growth. He started a side hustle – a small trading company, to financially support his education. The trading business gradually expanded. Its success motivated Mr. Alpesh pursue his entrepreneurial goals.

Mr. Alpesh’s Diverse Clientele  

Ami Polymer has a vast clientele that includes companies in the food, pharma, and biopharma industry. Currently, Ami Polymer has 3000+ clients globally, with 5000+ products in its portfolio. The brand serves several prominent companies like Baxter, Pfizer, Mylan, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory, Zydus Cadila, etc. 

Keeping Pace with Changing Market Trends

Mr. Alpesh ensures that he and his team keep pace with the changing market trends. For this, they adopt a multitude of commercial and developmental measures, such as:

  • Improving the market share of existing products in the market.
  • Penetrating into new markets.
  • Expanding product selection.
  • Developing new products and selling them to existing and new customer groups.
  • Product diversification.
  • Increasing manufacturing facilities and acquisitions.

Mr. Alpesh’s Emphasis on R & D

According to Mr. Alpesh, R & D is of paramount importance to businesses. It enriches them with powerful knowledge and insights, leads to improvements in existing processes, helps maximize work efficiency, and enables effective cost cutting measures. Furthermore, it helps businesses dole out market-redefining products and services, which in turn helps them gain an edge over their competitors. For these reasons, Mr. Alpesh has been ardently supporting the R & D department in his company. He and his team are actively working on a gamut of R & D initiatives.

His Measures to Ensure Employee Satisfaction

Mr. Alpesh believes that employees are the driving force of an organization. Without their contentment, it’s very difficult for a brand to succeed. He and his team have adopted several measures to ensure the utmost satisfaction of employees, such as:

  • Providing Supportive Leadership: Since effective leadership is among the primary driving factors for employee motivation, Mr. Alpesh and his team ensure that they provide the employees all-round support, with every facet of their job role.
  • Empowering the Individual: Every employee at the organization feels that they’re valued as an individual. Individuality is one of the core principles of the organization’s work culture.
  • Developing a Positive Environment: The work environment at the company is conducive to the holistic development of its employees. The environment is designed in such a way that it exerts a positive influence on their psyche and performance.
  • Encouraging Teamwork: Teamwork is another value that’s at the core of the company’s work culture. All employees are supposed to imbibe a co-operative spirit while working in a team.
  • Recognize and Reward: All employees are given due recognition and appreciation for their efforts. The company also ensures to honor their excellence with rewards.

Significant Milestones and Achievements

Over the years, Mr. Alpesh and his company have achieved several accolades and milestones. Some of the most noteworthy ones have been given below:

  • Honored with Best MSME of the Year in Jan 2020 by Assocham, through Honorable Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari.
  • Awarded the “Frontline Hero” Title during times of COVID-19 by one of the brand’s revered customers.
  • Given the “Emerging Company Award 2020” by Indian Achievers Award.


Thoughts on Work-Life Balance

Mr. Alpesh is a strong proponent of work-life balance. He ensures that he strikes a fine balance between his personal and professional life. According to him, the need for striking such a balance greatly increases when you’re a busy professional. The more people there are who’re reliant on you – be it in office or at home – the stronger is the need to keep both the spheres balance.

Thoughts on Today’s Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurship entails the development of several skills and characteristics. These skills and traits are of utmost importance in today’s business environment, where disruption is the norm and consistent change is inevitable. Mr. Alpesh has enlisted some of them below:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Problem-Solving.
  • Fearless Risk-Taking.
  • Growth Mindset.
  • Self-belief.

Furthermore, Mr. Alpesh shares his views on the competition faced by entrepreneurs today. According to him, all entrepreneurs today, irrespective of their industry, are experiencing cut-throat competition. They also have to juggle a load of responsibilities, such as managing their employees, running company operations, ensuring customer satisfaction, etc.  In order for an entrepreneur to emerge successful, he has to imbibe the aforementioned qualities and work extra hard.

He later talks about the criticism faced by entrepreneurs today. He describes it as an inevitable consequence of being a business leader. The best an entrepreneur can do is to incorporate the feedback and use it a stepping stone to improvement.

Plans for The Future

Mr. Alpesh has a long-cherished dream of building a world-renowned empire with an annual turn over of Rs 155 CR. Thanks to the premium grade facility provided to APPL staff members, this dream appears to be on the verge of materializing. The company is working on a new project that’d be built on a 3- acre land in Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

A Message to The Readers of Prime Insights Magazine

Placing great emphasis on employee and customer satisfaction, Mr. Alpesh urges all young entrepreneurs to build strong connections at their workplace and the marketplace. Here’s what he has to say: “Ami Polymer Pvt. Ltd always believes in two things – Employee and Customer Satisfaction. By learning about employee’s preferences, our company creates a strong bond with the employees, which creates amps up the enthusiasm in the workplace. This improves the efficiency and quality of our services, which in turn leads to greater customer satisfaction.”

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