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FFKM: An Opening Towards The FUTURE

To meet the needs and demands of the growing market in a developing world it is utmost necessary to think a step further and be updated with the trends both current and future. With this aspect it sounds evident that FFKM is the future of polymer industries in the upcoming decade.

            Perfluoroelastomers, or say, FFKM is an elastomeric counterpart of PTFE (poly tetrafluoro ethylene). The high bond dissociation energy of the C – F bond is the main reason behind the thermal, oxidative and chemical stability of such fluorinated polymers. FFKMs are copolymers of tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and a perfluorinated ether, mostly perfluoro methyl vinyl ether (PMVE). Because of its fully fluorinated and saturated backbone a cure – site monomer (CSM) is added into the polymer. TFE is responsible for the excellent chemical resistance of the polymer comparable to that of PTFE, whereas PMVE provides the sufficient elastomeric properties to the base polymer such as flexibility and regaining power. Also the fluorine content depends on the length of the ether side chain. And finally small amounts of cure site monomers such as a cyano – functional vinyl ethers are introduced for crosslinking.

FFKM elastomers complete the drawbacks that are encountered by the FKM elastomers as they cover a wide range of chemicals and provide resistance against them such as ketones, amines, ethers, esters and many more. Also the upper temperature range increases from 240°C to 320°C in case of FFKMs. It is available in different types of cure mechanisms such as diamine, bisphenol and peroxide systems. Diamine is generally preferred for general engineering applications whereas curing with bisphenol improves high temperature resistance of the polymer and peroxide systems enhance the chemical resistance properties. The applications of this elastomer is predominant in sectors like aerospace, energy, pharmaceutical, semi – conductors and other industrial sectors.

Figure: Chemical resistance of various polymers

                Ami Polymer Pvt. Ltd. have recently launched FFKM O – rings into the market with a vision to provide the best product to our customers. FDA and USP Class VI complied products can also be availed for pharmaceutical and food industries. These O – rings form the perfect solution for sealing in the presence of any harsh polar chemicals.

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